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 These photographs are meant to build a book,  a long photo project on contemporary China's developments, in a dialogue between the newborn megalopolis and the countryside, the estranged stranger with a  camera and the locals' daily routine.​

  The series is composed of strictly black and white snapshots. The preference for long time-lapsed shootings and vision blurs aims to express the challenging and constantly disorienting landscape the ordinary PRC citizen lives in. But also the personal disorientation of the author herself.​

  It is a diary of that Chinese journey which is still in progress today. But also a personal chronicle of that solitary and intimate search for relief that often black and white photography can offer, letting us relate only to the essential. Here every shot, every light and shadow deepens a different theoretical and emotional question about the real life of the unnumbered worlds which compose today's gigantic China. 

And even if the mere street photography can never have the taste and sound of the roads of China, it can transform its human landscapes into a old road movie, spying life through the window of a train,  cars and  buses. Become a book of notes, sketches and random illuminations to which the eyes of the photographer, as a black and white film, are wishfully exposed.​


- May-June 2010: PAN Palace of the Arts of Naples

-  June 2010: FLEXI Bookstore & Cafè, Rome;

- July 2010: FISHEYE Gallery, Naples

- September 2010: Spot Art Gallery – Consulate of Italy in Guangzhou, China.

- Yin Photo Gallery (April 2012), 798 ART DISTRICT, Beijing, China; 

- Pingyao XII International Festival of Photography (September 2012), Pingyao, China;

- L'Asilo, Naples, Italy, May 2017.

  ROADS  was the only foreign project  to win FOCUS ON CHINA 光看中国  2012.

Excerpts of the series were  published on different paper and digital magazines, in FOCUS ON CHINA 光看中国 book and was made an academic book cover at Kansai University, Osaka, Japan. ​

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