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The sound from within



Walking along Via dei Tribunali, in the core of Naples, suddenly loud uproars and noises... 


They come from the L' Avventura di Latta (The Adventure of Tin), artistic  workshop for a group of non-EU political refugees who with their own hands produce handicrafts in poor metals, jewels, sculptures, decorative objects and tin works.


The story started in 2009, in a diocesan missionary center in the heart of Naples, when a group of people firstly joined the nonprofit association SAMB E DIOP to face the first immigration emergency in Naples. Part of an Italian teaching project aimed at migrants with the guidance of Father Alex Zanotelli.


In the same space in which the association teaches Italian for free to non-EU citizens and political refugees was born a craftmanship laboratory, led by the wellknown designer Riccardo Dalisi.


Art as therapy, art as a connective glue among the refugees, art as a future job. This is The Adventure of Tin. Here some phases of their poor art jewellery productions for local markets and a series of street lanters produced for the Universal Forum of Cultures of Naples and now hanging in Via dei Tribunali.

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